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A New Era of Wisconsin BYW Begins on Saturday

The next chapter of Wisconsin Backyard Wrestling begins this Saturday as we debut our first event. We will crown our first WAH World Champion and Shawn Jovi will defend his GBYWN US Internet Championship as well.

Don't miss out! Visit our youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/rcwrulz for all WAH media as well as older Wisconsin BYW and MWA media as well.

MWA Namekimania 3 Results

Shawn Jovi made his return to MWA this past weekend where he came short of a victory against D~Ryda.

Wrestling Against Humanity Teaser

The Unveiling of a New Championship

Last night we unveiled the Wrestling Against Humanity Championship. Here is what it looks like. Although it may not look like much, it was custom made by Shawn Jovi, who once held this belt when it was the DUE Championship. The belt has now had a complete makeover and will be contested for this Spring at WAH's first show. Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks.

WAH 1: Revival Theory

The first WAH show will be hosted in early Spring and will be called Revival Theory to resemble the rebirth of backyard wrestling in Wisconsin. At this event, the first ever WAH Champion will be crowned in a tournament. More details will be coming soon.

General Manager Position Filled by Jovi's Rival

Shawn Jovi's most recent rival and former GBYWN United States Internet Champion, Ben Gregory has been hired by the WAH Board of Directors to be the general manager of Wrestling Against Humanity. Ben will not be present at shows seeing as he's from Indiana but will be watching and will be doing his managing live via satellite during the events.


Wrestling Against Humanity (WAH) is currently in the works of becoming a backyard federation that will be ran by Wisconsin's own, Shawn "Jovi" Selby. Shawn Jovi was the former owner and founder of Ronus' Championship Wrestling and De Pere Underground Entertainment which are two dead backyard federations. Shawn is consistently working around the clock to get this federation open by Spring 2014. Please check back for updates as we get this site up and running over the next few weeks.